Mission Statement

The TheCell research network aims to promote translational research in cell and tissue therapy in the Province of Quebec with a vision of national and international visibility.


TheCell (Cell and Tissue Therapy) FRQS Network

Created in 2009, the TheCell Network has now over ninety full members. It strives to facilitate phase I and II clinical studies in order to accelerate the availability of the technologies developed in cell and tissue therapy for the general population.The cell and tissue therapy platforms of the universities throughout the province of Quebec and their partners are supported in their clinical trial development.
TheCell is financed by the Fonds de recherche du Québec - Santé (FRQS) provides leverage and serves as catalyst for the utilisation of the infrastructures and the highly qualified personnel in the field of cell and tissue therapy.


- Develop research through collaboration in regenerative medicine and cell and tissue therapy.
- Increase resources and infrastructures and optimize their utilization.
- Orient the research towards clinical aspects and facilitate knowledge transfer from bench to bedside.
- Maintain and develop the infrastructure necessary for the field of cell and tissue therapy.
- Support training of highly qualified personnel and researchers.

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