Les travaux du Dr Stéphane Bolduc chercheur au CRCHU de Québec - Université Laval, membre chercheur du réseau ThéCell, sont présentés dans un reportage sur la reconstruction d'urètre par génie tissulaire à Radio-Canada Émission Découverte dimanche le 29 janvier prochain. Émission reporté au 9 avril 2017.

L'émission sera par la suite disponible sur le site web de


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  • HLF-gene controls generation of our long-term immune system
    When the HLF (hepatic leukemia factor) gene -- which is expressed in immature blood cells -- does not shut down on time, we are unable to develop a functional long-term immune system, investigators have found. This could be a very early stage of leukemia, they say.
  • Key signaling protein for muscle growth
    Researchers have discovered the importance of a well-known protein, myeloid differentiation primary response gene 88 (MyD88), in the development and regeneration of muscles. Researchers have described the protein's critical role in the growth and repair of skeletal muscles, both in post-natal development and in the regeneration of injured adult muscles.