Prof. Corinne Hoesli is the head of the Stem Cell Bioprocessing Laboratory at McGill University. She is a biochemical engineer with expertise in bioprocess development, high-throughput screening and stem cell culture optimization. Her research aims to develop bioprocesses to produce and transplant therapeutic cells to treat diabetes and cardiovascular disease. She developed emulsion-based methods to encapsulate pancreatic islet cells. Her laboratory has also developed surface modification techniques to selectively capture flowing cells and promote their proliferation on the surfaces. These multi-functional surfaces show potential in improving the endothelialisation of vascular biomaterials. Her emerging leadership in bioengineering was recognized through the 2014 Martin Sinacore Outstanding Young Investigator Award from Engineering Conferences International & Biogen Idec, as well as the “Étoiles effervescence” award from Montreal InVivo.

Current projects in diabetes cellular therapy include engineering vascularized islet microencapsulation devices using 3D printing and studying the effect of mechanical signals on pluripotent stem cell differentiation into insulin-producing cells.

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