paul martineau

My research focuses on both clinical and basic science research. I have expertise in the field of osteoimmunology, primarily investigating the role of mast cells in accelerated fracture repair. I have developed expertise in animal models of disease, osteointegration and fracture repair. I am also an expert on ligament tendon reconstructions and am currently developing biocompatible scaffolds to generate ligement tissues ex vivo. I also design surgical implants to treat articular trauma. I have invented and patented a novel porous implant for fracture fixation, designed to improve the efficiency of bone healing particularly in the setting of fractures that remain problematic to treat with current methods. I am also working on developing and refining 3D magnetic resonance imaging and defining its role in diagnosing intraarticular injuries. I am attempting to establish how 3D imaging techniques can improve preoperative planning for knee ligament reconstructive surgery.Together,my expertise falls in the clinical and translational field, with a central focus ontissue repair and tissue engineering.

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